It’s been months since the last time I wrote here. The summer was simply too busy. I was trying to juggle various projects all at once, both work and study. Maybe you noticed I wasn’t too active on Instagram, either. I did finish the designs I got from different designers, although within a much longer period than I initially had planned. In any case, that was an inspiring experience and it was nice to make something different. Here are a couple of those pieces.

An interpretation of a design sent by @isabellasitsha
A waistcoat designed by @utshaasarkar
A dress with rose motifs designed by @ryan_alexander43

Then I went on a well-deserved vacation at my parents’ place in Finland for almost a month. Italian summer is too hot for me, so Finland is a great choice. I actually brought my ½-scale dressform with me on vacation! You see, I had to work on the 2018 TR Masters’ Challenge -tasks. The deadline is at the end of August. The last task is almost done, so I have good chances of passing the first round.

The most difficult task of the TR Masters’ Challenge so far.

In a few weeks it’ll be autumn. It has become my new favorite season (see above). It always seems to be so full of opportunities and I get my energy back. I want to start new things in autumn!

So while I was on vacation, I finally had some time to better plan my blog. I decided to change the look a bit. And the contents, too. Tutorials will still be one of the themes, but I feel like my blog has been too monothematic. Besides, I have pretty much covered all the patternmaking-techniques I’ve ever used on Instagram by now.

I want to add some new themes. One of the ideas was to promote other sewing related Instagram-profiles and -bloggers by writing articles on the person behind the profile. Hope I’m not the only one curious about them!

I’ll include those well-known profiles that already have a huge following and that most of you probably are familiar with. But also smaller accounts that I think should have more followers. When I first started on Instagram, I was lucky enough to be promoted by bigger accounts, so now I want to do the same.

I hope you’ll be inspired by these Instagram-accounts and bloggers, too. There are so many talented and amazing people out there!

If you have any requests on subjects I should cover, just let me know.

Have a great autumn and enjoy the new version of this blog!

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