Ok, I’m ready to start my new theme here. As I wrote in the previous post, from now on, I will be promoting other sewing-related Instagram-pages. I decided, that the most interesting way to do this, is for me to interview the person in question and then write a little article. This way we can all learn a bit more about these inspiring people. Sounds good? Here we go!

If you’ve been following some sewing- or patternmaking -related posts on Instagram, you’ve probably bumped into Nelly Trines. She currently has 55,5K followers and if you take a look at her feed, you’ll understand why. It’s filled with intriguing and complex designs along with pictures of patterns. Lately I’ve seen some videos there, too.

Nelly Trines is a Russian lady, who lives in the Netherlands. She has been sewing for more than 30 years and is self-taught. She drafts all the patterns herself. Her love of sewing and a never-ending curiosity to constantly learn new things has really brought her skills to an incredible level. And she wants to become even better.

Sewing started as a hobby, which later turned into business. Now Nelly Trines has a small tailoring studio of her own.

The most difficult projects according to Nelly are origami-designs. She has taken a class with Shingo Sato in 2013, when she was part of an experimental online group.

Nelly Trines lists Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld, John Galliano and Roberto Cavalli as her favorite designers. To her own designs she gets inspiration from both old and new fashion collections and daily fashion news. But also from more simple things, such as a line of clothes seen from a different angle. Or a person dressed up in an unusual way seen on the street.

All the pictures in this article are from Nelly’s Instagram page. It’s just to give you an idea of the types of designs she makes. Nelly Trines has been on Instagram since 2015. She created an account out of curiosity. Right from the start it was clear to her that it should be about sewing. She begun following some interesting accounts and little by little gaining followers herself. Becoming popular just happened by itself.

Nelly posts whenever she has something interesting to share with her followers. There is no fixed schedule. That seems to be working great and everybody loves her posts.

I think I’ve been following Nelly’s account for almost 2 years by now. It’s always exciting to see what she will post next. Now I’m even more impressed about her skills, as she has learned everything by herself. How cool is that?

Well, this is a good example of what you can achieve by being curious about new things to learn. And you never stop learning! There’s always something new and interesting to look into.

So how many of you are already following @nellytrines? If you are not, you definitely must check out her page. You’ll be amazed by her designs.


Book-recommendations from Nelly Trines: Patternmaking for Fashion Design by Helen Joseph Armstrong

Instagram: www.instagram.com/nellytrines

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    • shapesoffabric Reply

      Awesome! She’ll surely be posting more inspiring creations. 🙂

  1. I love Nelly Trines! I’ve followed her on IG for ages so it’s lovely to learn a bit more about her. I also hav the Helen Armstrong and book and keep meaning to study it more

    • shapesoffabric Reply

      I’m glad I’m not the only one wanting to know more about the person behind the profile. It’s easy to come up with questions, I’m so curious! 😀

  2. I’ve been following her for some time now and truly she’s a fashion Architect,if there’s a as such. Amazing designs always

    • shapesoffabric Reply

      So true! 🙂 I especially love these pleated designs I added in my post.

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