It’s time to introduce another talented person many of you are probably already following on Instagram. Does Tatiana Ballos sound familiar to you? She’s an amazing patternmaker, seamstress and designer all in one.


Tatiana Ballos was born and grew up in Moscow, Russia, but has been living in Vancouver, Canada since a long time ago.

She started sewing for dolls when she was little and later went on to sew clothes for herself and for her friends. When time came to choose career between designer/patternmaker and architect, fashion seemed more familiar so she got her diploma in design and patternmaking.

Tatiana started her career in an atelier as a young patternmaker, and it was there that she felt the need to improve her sewing skills: She didn’t feel comfortable telling much older and experienced seamstresses how the garments should be made. So she started observing these masters and then practicing at home.

Tatiana finds it important that also designers and patternmakers know how to actually sew garments.

She has also worked for high-end bridal company, but is now doing custom design in her own studio.


When it comes to design, Tatiana is attracted to interesting silhouettes, lines, structures and unexpected details. Her all time favourite designer is Andre Courreges with his clean silhouettes, geometric lines and innovative approach. But other than that, she can’t really pick favorites. It depends on the collections of the various designers.

dress details

Architecture is one of Tatiana’s sources of inspiration. She prefers clean lines and doesn’t include many flounces and ruffles in her designs.

Her favourite project -and also the most challenging one so far- is this mint dress. It consists of almost 300 pieces!

challenging mint dress

Tatiana started Instagram two years ago, in November 2016. It was just to share her work with friends who live in different parts of the planet. No big plans. She posted final products and some behind the scenes photos of process. Suddenly, new followers started to come and soon she got thousands of people interested in what she does! Today she has over 28K followers. Tatina finds this still mind boggling.

jacket lining detail

She runs her account with no schedule, posting photos when she feels like it.

Great thing about Instagram according to Tatiana is meeting so many talented people. Possibility to get inspired, to learn something new, and share what you know. These are pretty amazing things to her.

There’s definitely much we can learn from Tatiana’s Instagram-page, too. She’s generously sharing various sewing tips and tricks in her posts. The garments represent clean classic style with cool details. There are many pictures of her well-constructed, beautifully finished dresses and jackets. Practise really makes perfect!

pleated details

The pictures in this article are from Tatiana’s Instagram-page. They are just an example, so go ahead and see more fabulous works by Tatiana here:


For those of you who speak Russian, there’s also a blog:


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  1. Tatiana Ballots is quite talented. I have been following her on Instagram.

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