It’s been a while, but here’s the third part of the series introducing TR Cutting Masters from around the world. Check out the previous parts here and here if you missed them!

Vidya Vivek

Vidya Vivek is a fashion educator from India.

tr cutting master and educator Vidya Vivek

She showed interest for fashion already at a young age and loved making clothes for her dolls. Vidya realized having skills for design and decided she wanted to go study Fashion.

Vidya finished her studies in Costume Design in 1997 and since then has also obtained various other degrees, including MA in Sociology, MSc in Apparel Technology and PhD in Apparel Design.

Vidya’s urge for sharing knowledge got her interested in opening a school for fashion studies and today she owns a niche fashion school called Vidya Fashion Academy where she mentors NIFT students for advanced pattern making. She has been awarded Gold Medal by the Former president of India, late Dr.APJ Kalam.

Fashion educator Vidya Vivek

In 2013 Vidya completed TR Masters along with other world wide friends on scholarship having received invitation fromShingoSato himself.

The following year 2014 Shingo Sato asked if he could organize a TR cutting workshop at Vidya Fashion Academy. A request which Vidya gladly accepted. And so with his support, they launched the first TR Cutting School -India and arranged a 6 days’ intensive workshop. Since then she has been organising a workshop with Shingo Sato each year at her school.

TR cutting project by Vidya Vivek

When it comes to Vidya herself, after TR Masterclass she has also concluded Origami Masters and TR Jetted Welts Masters. Every year she updates her skills by taking part in the Challenges of TR Supermasters. To Vidya, Shingo Sato is a part of the family and the most wonderful person and mentor she ever had.

Vidya Vivek with Shingo Sato

Recently Vidya accomplished specialization in Bridal wear pattern making from a Fashion School in Milan, Italy. That is her way of bringing world to her country and for her students there.

Vidya’s Mantra for learning is:

KNOWLEDGE: More I share; More I learn.



Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Vidyavivek1999/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/vidyavivek99/

Polina Lolova

Polina Lolova, Italian by adoption, loves to define herself an artist. She’s always in the search for beauty and unusual things; new ways to express herself.

TR cutting master Polina Lolova

Polina is a fashion designer, creative pattern maker and artisan who puts heart and soul into her creations. Her work reflects talent and all the years spent studying and practising the craft.

Polina’s path from Bulgaria to Italy – and the field of fashion – was not a typical one. She started sewing with her grandma’s antique Singer when she was still a child. Besides sewing, she was also curious and passionate about other handcrafts and designing. In fact Polina went to study at a prestigious High School of Art. After that she got a degree in Tourism Economics, but then returned to her true passion, which was Fashion Design.

TR cutting project by Polina Lolova

Polina managed to get a visa to go study at a fashion school in Florence, Italy, and after that she took life drawing classes in Milan. During these years she got the chance to work in ateliers, pattern services and design studios for the first time. But also to take part in various Design contests, both in Italy and abroad, always finding herself among the finalists. All this gave her the possibility to participate in different fashion shows, whether it was for the contests or for work.

Origami design by Polina Lolova

At the age of 30 she left Milan to follow her other dream: to have a family and a family business in the field of tourism in Umbria, the Green Heart of Italy. There she managed to continue also with her fashion projects, sometimes collaborating with others, but mainly by herself.

Polina defines encountering Shingo Sato’s experimental and creative patternmaking technique, Trasformational Reconstruction, as the most important moment on her artistic path. Actually she bumped into it by chance browsing the Internet. It was love at first sight and she decided then and there to enroll in the Masterclass. She never regretted that decision and soon got the chance to meet the Master himself in Milan for a pizza together with other Italian TR Masters.

Polina’s other favorite pattern making technique is Substraction Cutting by Julian Roberts.

substraction cutting -dress by polina lolova

Today, Polina is one of the around 150 TR Masters in the world and each year she participates in TR Masters’ Challenge. She also exhibits her latest creations at different events, including one that’s organized in the very same farmhouse she manages together with her husband.

So in the end Polina found a way to unite all her passions in one: the fashion, the family and the business!


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/polina.lolova

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/polinalolova/

LinkedIn: https://it.linkedin.com/in/polina-lolova-b0a44910a

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