I want to introduce to you some other people who have studied Shingo Sato ‘s TR cutting techniques. Here are the first two, Ade and Janneth. I’m sure you’ll find their social media pages inspiring.

Those Who Tried Shingo Sato ‘s TR cutting Techniques

Adewumi Adegbola

ade trendhood royale

Adewumi Adegbola – or Ade –  is a Nigerian designer based in London, United Kingdom. She started sewing at a very young age because her mum owned a number of sewing machines as a result of her dad being a renowned Tailor back in her home town in Nigeria. So sewing and craft work runs in Ade’s family. However it was done in the old fashion way in Africa called the free hand cutting ( no pattern drafting).

Abandoning her early educational route in business administration and international human resource management, Ade ventured into fashion industry for which she had a strong undying passion. She had always sewn lovely garments for herself and her dolls learning from her mum.

Relocating to the UK gave her more opportunities to explore the fashion industry, especially the garment technology aspect to know how things are done properly. Ade attended various fashion schools in London, including the indigenous London College of Fashion.

For her quest for pattern cutting, creative designs and to grow better in her skills, Ade took to the internet to read and research more about her passion-turned-career and came across a Japanese designer and tutor Shingo Sato and that changed her career life for good. She got addicted to his ways of pattern making and did so many of his online courses.

origami sleeve pattern at the shingo sato championships

Ade presently owns a fashion studio in London where she creates her ready to wear pieces as well as made to measure for private clients. Her love and desire to share her knowledge made her venture into teaching because it gives her more opportunity to research and experiment new techniques. She runs a couple of short courses in sewing and pattern cutting from beginners to advance level for those that love to learn within a classroom environment rather than online.

african print dress

Ade loves to create timeless, versatile and feminine pieces for the contemporary woman under her brand name Trendhood Royale. Her brand is a blend of both traditional and modern for women that love to keep their style trendy but yet timeless and notable. These simple but perfectly finished garments adore a woman’s body regardless of shape or size.

trendhood royale look

The hallmarks of Trendhood Royale include a creative approach to lines, shapes, textures and splash of colours with an occasional use of African prints.




Janneth Alegre

janneth alegre

Janneth Alegre is a freelance fashion designer and a sewing instructor from Peru. She has always been curious about sewing. Her mom had a sewing machine at home and taught her to sew when she was 8. Janneth started sewing professionally more than 20 years ago.

Nowadays Janneth is always studying or teaching. Wherever she sees something interesting to learn or to teach she is there. She doesn’t like to lose her time. When she studies, it must be entertaining from the beginning to the end or it doesn’t deserve her attention. When Janneth teaches, she puts herself at the side of the students and teaches them the way she herself would like to be taught.

Looking for the perfect pattern she met Shingo Sato and his amazing techniques. She found that studying online was the best option for a busy mommy like herself. You see, Janneth is also a housewife with four children: three girls and a boy! So going to a fashion school at this point with a schedule and a routine is impossible for her.

origami vortex corset

Learning from Shingo gave her lots of satisfaction. Janneth graduated from his school in 2016 and since then she just couldn’t stop learning from him. She’s about to get her Origami Master certification this year and has become addicted to Shingo’s yearly TR Challenge! This is going to be the third year she participates to his competition.

origami vortex sleeve

Janneth has her own business teaching how to sew and make patterns. She organizes sewing workshops and more in her fashion studio known as El Atelier de la Moda in Lima, Peru. This year she organized a dream workshop with Master Shingo Sato. It was very successful and he was so happy with the organization that he asked Janneth to continue organizing his workshops in Peru. Now they are waiting for February to come soon because he’ll be back to teach TR Advanced, Origami and Creative Moulage.





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