What if you could draft your own patterns?

These Patternmaking e-Guides include step-by-step instructions and helpful illustrations that will get you started creating your own garment patterns from scratch.

Be more you! Design and make unique, one-of-a-kind garments that reflect your personal style and fit your body perfectly.


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The E-Guides provide a way for you to learn patternmaking in a bite-sized and practical manner.

  • Divided into different themes and different levels of difficulty
  • Required basic pattern block written on the cover and instructions for drafting one included
  • Four designs in each guide to get you started
  • Step-by-step instructions ja diagrams
  • Both metric and imperial measurements provided so that you don’t need to do conversions

I want to encourage you to be creative and make your own versions of the designs. You can either swap elements between the different designs or create your own details. 

So, pick your theme and Unleash your creativity!


Who is this product for? For anybody who has already been sewing some garments, using commercial patterns and is now interested in learning how to draft their own unique patterns. Although the pattern making instructions provided are very detailed, complete beginner sewers might find drafting these patterns – or sewing the garments – quite challenging. Understanding at least a little bit about garment construction will be extremely helpful.

Who isn’t this product for? Although the pattern making instructions provided are very detailed, complete-beginner sewers may find drafting these patterns quite challenging. Even a small understanding of garment construction will be extremely helpful. Also, these e-guides do not include instructions on how to sew the garments, so this might become a problem.

When will I get the e-guide? The e-guides are PDF files organized inside a ZIP folder that will be available for immediate download after you’ve completed the purchase. You’ll get a confirmation email with the download link. 

What is included in the purchase? You’ll get the e-guide in two versions, metric and imperial. Except for Mad about Sleeves and Collar Galore, there’s also a separate guide for drafting the basic pattern block and a planning sheet PDF with flat drawings of each design. Many guides also come with links to videos and extra tutorials that will help you with drafting and sewing.

Notice, that these e-guides don’t include the actual patterns; they include instructions for you to draft your own, made-to-measure patterns.

I don’t like digital versions. Can I print the e-guide? Sure, the pages are A4 sized.

What if I need more help with the patterns or sewing? You can join my dedicated FB group or ask me advice via email.

What is Paddle? It’s a payment processor I use for selling my digital products. They are actually who is responsible for charging you for the product, so don’t be alarmed if you see a charge from Paddle on your credit cart statement.  

What payment options are available? You can use credit cards and PayPal on desktop. In addition, on mobile there’s Apple Pay (on Safari) and Google Pay (on Chrome). 

Can I purchase on Etsy instead?  Sure, you’ll find my Etsy shop here

What is your return policy? Due to the nature of digital goods, and the fact that you receive immediate access to the files, I cannot offer refunds or exchanges on the e-guides. So, please review the product information carefully before purchasing.

However, if there is a fault with the files or you get the incorrect items, do request a replacement. 

In case you purchase the same product twice by accident, I’m happy to refund the second purchase.