New year, new sewing challenge! Well, in 2021 I didn’t participate in any yearly challenge, whereas in 2020 I was one of the leaders of Sew My Style. This time I decided to participate in the Make Nine sewing challenge again. Last time was in 2019 and back then I managed to almost finish all 9 projects. You can still find the posts under the makenine -tags.

If you’ve never heard of this challenge, take a peek at Rochelle’s website. She’s the one who started the whole thing. There’s also an Instagram page, but I’m not sure if it will be active this year. Still too early to tell I guess.

In any case, the idea is to start the year by deciding which 9 projects you want to complete during the year. You create this grid, so that you can then cross off the ones you do manage to finish. It doesn’t have to be sewing projects only, you can add other craft projects, too.

I think 9 projects is pretty doable and I also like the flexibility of having a whole year.

Like last time, I’m taking this as an opportunity to learn and try new things, draft patterns myself, and show you how I create the various pieces. I have a few projects from last year that I never had the time to start, so I threw those in, too.

Here’s my grid. Instead of the actual garments, it has idea/inspiration pictures. Meaning, that I probably won’t make an exact copy of each, but rather just something similar. I’m going to make more specific plans as I go.

My MakeNine 2022 Grid

Let’s see each of them separately.

Comeback of the Trench

This piece will tie the 2022 MakeNine to the 2019 edition. I’ve said many times that I want to make another trench coat. This has been my favorite coat these past two years!

trench coat back

It will be a spring version. I’m thinking a bright color. No print, just solid color. So it would have to be done sometime in March if I want to wear it this spring.

Might do some small changes to the pattern, too, although I’m pretty happy with it already.

DIY Gloves (and Socks?)

Ok, this is the ”something new”. Last time I explored hat making. This time it will be gloves, and maybe socks, too. I’ve never sewn gloves, or socks for that matter. Only knitted.

I’m a bit curious about figuring out how to draft the patterns.

I have sewn a couple of coats that have ¾ length sleeves. Normal gloves are too short, so this would definitely be an opportunity to make myself a longer pair of gloves.

On the other hand, I also love the gloves in the picture. It’s a pattern by Vogue.

If I end up making socks, too, they should be some kind of bed socks or house socks (is that a word?). To be honest, I hardly ever wear actual socks otherwise, because I mostly wear skirts or dresses. Hello tights!

Tailored Jacket

This is a project that I’ve had in my mind ever since a friend of mine gave me a stash of fabric remnants from her days working for…Gucci I think. When I saw the fabric in question, it immediately gave me jacket vibes. It’s black, kind of shiny, and has a particular surface pattern.

The challenge is going to be to create a pattern for the amount of fabric I got, because I usually always draft the pattern first and then buy the fabric. Obviously, if it’s not going to work out, I’ll need to buy another fabric.

My inspiration pictures here are from Hugo Boss BTW.

Basic Jersey Dress

Lately I’ve established that I really enjoy wearing dresses. Dress is an all-in-one type of garment. Quick and easy to wear. Maybe add a necklace, and you’re ready.

For this piece I got inspired by an article about a lady who got a dress made that was supposed to become her uniform. A kind of dress that works for all kinds of different occasions. Something you can wear when you don’t know what to wear.

So I was thinking something quite minimal and comfy. Jersey dress would be comfy for sure. It would be nice to come up with a small detail, too, such as the front zipper in the dress above. Probably I’d go with long, or at least 3/4 length sleeves.

My BF says I wear potato sacks. I’m afraid this might be another one of those. The dress pics were Pinterest finds.

I’m going to try not making a black dress, but I’m not promising anything.. 😀

Shirt Dress

Speaking of dresses, here’s another one: shirt dress.

The pictures are not for the dress itself, but rather depict how I’d like the dress to be: the left and right sides in a different fabric. Ideally a print+solid fabric combination that have a common color, as in the picture. If I can’t find that kind of a fabric combo, I’m going to have to go with two solids.

What I’ve learned is that I should never go to the fabric shop with too strict expectations because then I’m not going to find what I’m looking for. So, we’ll see what is available and go from there.

The picture on the left is from Shein, the one on the right is from Stylewe.

Pussy Bow Shirt

This one is from my Fitted Shirts guide.

But I want to modify the collar and make it wider, as in this version from my collar guide.

Pussy Bow Collar

So it’s going to be big sleeves and big bow. I’ll probably use black crepe de chine silk, which is my favorite kind of silk to work with. It has just the right amount of shine, too.

Wrap Culottes

For the summer I was thinking wrap culottes. I’ve never made a pair, but often thought I should because I really like the look. When it comes to pants, I prefer the palazzo pant style and other wide legged shapes, which means this would be just perfect!

These should be nice and airy in the summer, especially if I find the right fabric. Something flowy and lightweight. The picture is from Salvage Cloth.

Costume Replica

A mystery entry. At the moment I have no idea which costume. I just know there will be one. Either based on a movie or tv series costume. Last year I made a Mrs Maisel dress and a Cruella jacket for example. So something similar.

It’s fun figuring out the pattern and trying to create a garment that looks like the original.

I’m open to suggestions!

Vintage Style Dress

One more dress. Here’s another one based on my past Pattermaking Guides. I already got the fabric almost a year ago but haven’t gotten round to sewing this one. I seem to remember having finished the pattern, too. Not sure if I did the fitting and corrections though. Or where the pattern is.

Anyways, the dress bodice has tucks at the c-front and a peter pan collar. The skirt has pleats. This would most likely be a summer dress as it’s sleeveless.

So there they are. My MakeNine 2022 plans. I’ll get started on the first garment soon.

Do you have any sewing plans yet? Are you going to participate in this challenge? I’ve seen many MakeNine grids on Instagram already, so the challenge is definitely on.

Any other sewing challenges this year in your calendar?


  1. I am in love with your projects. I already want to see the results! Personally, I share the excitement for the gloves.

    • Thanks! 🙂 I’m pretty excited to start making these. Yes, the gloves seem to have captured the most interest of them all. I already found a few sources for figuring out the pattern.

  2. I have now picked my 9 things to make and haave done the first, a sort of wearable (in low light situations) jacket. It is part of my ‘how the hell do you do notched collars’ series. I will do a sort of grid as soon as I work out how to (IT illiterate) but will be watching your progress with interest. I really ought to do this on YouTube but it would mean cleaning the house up first….

  3. First of all, all the best I wish for you throughout 2022, and thank you for your generosity of sharing many of your valuable tutorials.

    Would like to see how you develop for the basic dress and wrap culottes. We do wear sarong a lot for our traditional attire, so wrap culottes can be a new style.

    Greeting from Toraja,


    • Thank you Diana! I’ll soon get started with these projects. Yes, wrap culottes sounds like a very nice addition to the wardrobe. Wishing you a wonderful 2022, too. 🙂

  4. Teresa Margaret Quinsey Reply

    This year for our Sound of Music production (Steel Valley Beacons Arts, Stocksbridge, South Yorkshire), I am making the children’s playsuits that Maria makes from curtains, not overnight, like in the film, but that’s my challenge so far. I love the shapes you construct from standard sewing patterns, very inspiring.

  5. We certainly reaped the benefits of your 2019 challenge results, with the best tutorials out there.! I’m late to the 9 game, but your grid includes all projects I’ve considered, but not yet tackled (even gloves!), Is following your inspiration grid still in the spirit of the challenge? I need the accountability.., Can tell you’ve tackled the wrapped trousers, if your tutorial is any indication. Haven’t tackled a pants block yet, so may copy a RTW pair in a similar style, without a true wrap. Maybe hack the panels to wrap more. Which other 2022 grid items have you tackled so far?

    • So nice to hear that. 🙂 Well, I think the spirit of the challenge is just to decide what you’re interested in making during the year, so it’s all good. You’re still in time for sure, too. I’ve only completed 3 things by now, the gloves, wrap pants and the trench.

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